• Pinched Spinal Nerve

  • The problem:

    A pinched nerve affects the lower back or neck along the spinal cord, which extends from the base of the brain to the lower part of the thoracic spine (just above the lower back). At the point the spinal cord ends, nerve roots extend from the spine and into the area just above the buttocks. Pinched nerves generally occur at this lower portion

  • Pinched Spinal Nerve Symptoms:

    • Feelings of numbness or lessened sensation in the area served by the nerve
    • Pain-sharp or dull-that radiates outward
    • Muscle weakness
    • Increasing immobility
  • Pinched Spinal Nerve Treatment:

  • The goal of treatment is to intervene before permanent nerve damage occurs. In such cases, symptoms generally are relieved. Several neurosurgical procedures are used to resolve the problem. If the problem is a herniated disk, surgery may be performed to remove bone spurs or part of the disk. 

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